Friday, October 26, 2007

Bellydancing and Fitness

Such a beautiful way to celebrate the female body, Bellydance! In speaking with Joharah, owner of BellyUp bellydance studio in Bronte, and exploring her website, I have found that this sensual dance is really an expression of female creativity and sexiness, wonderful! Curves are appreciated, even necessary for this exotic dance, and you move your body in a way that is so new yet so basic.

I recently published an article in a local magazine called "For Her", which is distributed through the Halton Region. It's a quick little blurb about lower body training and a note about personal training. Imagine my pleasure to see Joharah's lovely picture on the opposite page along with her article about bellydance and beautiful bodies. Talk about cross-training! Keep your eyes peeled for this magazine found at doctor's offices, aestheticians & hair salons through the Oakville and Mississauga area to check out both articles.

Please join us on Friday January 21st, 2008 for a Goddess Workshop at BellyUp studio in Bronte. We'll be there from 7-9pm, girlfriends are welcome. It's a girl's night out, everyone is invited! Register with me, Sarah, at Only $45 for our workshop, a beverage and a bite to eat, too.