Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charles Poliquin's Biosignature Modulation Program

I recently had the pleasure of taking a course with Charles Poliquin, one of the world's most successful strength coaches. Coach Poliquin has trained Olympic Medalists, NHL, NFL and MLB players as well as National Teams worldwide. I will highlight a few of the concepts taught in this groundbreaking course, I'm eager to spread the word about how biosignature can help you understand your own hormonal profile.
I was one of the privileged few who gained a spot in the recent Biosignature Course held here in Toronto. We could sense the energy, confidence and knowledge that we were about to learn about. Coach Poliquin has been training record holders in 10 different sports for 3 decades with his unique and extremely effective methods. Biosignature Modulation is a non-invasive method of measuring 12 specific skinfold measurements to clarify client's hormonal profile. Practitioners take this information and analyze each client's problem areas. Common issues include increased levels of estrogen/decreased levels of testosterone due to the foods we ingest and the products we use as well as lifestyle issues such as lack of sleep (which makes us fat) and skipping meals.
Biosignature analysis helps to pinpoint each person's priorities at a given time and allows us to address those priorities to maximize gains. This translates into faster fat loss, improved recuperation and better strength gains. If you're ready to take the challenge we would love to discuss with you how Biosignature Modulation can help you achieve the muscle tone, shape and fat loss you've always wanted.