Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week of Cleanse

It`s been 2 days since I started my nutrition program with the goal of losing 10lb and losing 3% bodyfat. I`ve eliminated sugar in every form including sweets and alcohol (obviously!), fruit (for now), certain vegetables (sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, beets, carrots), dairy as well as coffee and such.
I`ve lost 2lb in 2 day, so I`m happy so far! The workout routine this week has been as follows:

Day 1: Wednesday August 25th Upper Body Weight Workout
Day 2: Thursday August 26th 30 Minute Walk
Day 3: Friday August 27th Hot Yoga 60 Minutes

Continuing with:

Day 4: 30 Minutes Intense Cardio (Arc Trainer)
Day 5: 30 Minutes Cardio (Inteval training)
Upper Body

So far I`ve been fine, good energy levels, no cravings. Workouts have been strong, I feel amazing! More next week...