Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Weeks to Rhode Island!!!

Hi Everyone!

Ok, this has been the 3rd week of my nutrition and fitness program, excellent changes in my physique. My weight is steady but I've lost 3 more inches, that's awesome!!! This is what the week has looked like:

Day 11: 25 minutes Cardio, 60 minutes hot yoga
Day 12: Excellent upper body workout including chins, chest flye, lateral raises, concentration curls and, as always, triceps, triceps, triceps. Can you tell what my weak spot is?
Day 13: Spinning 30 minutes
Day 14: Upper Body
Day 15: Hot Yoga 6o minutes
Day 16: Legs
Day 17: Hot Yoga, upper body

So it's looking like 3 upper body workouts, 3 hot yoga classes as well as cardio and legs throughout. So far so good!! FYI my workouts last about 45-60 minutes, no longer. Diet is still quite clean, minimal cheats.

More next week...

Have a great weekend!!