Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Biosignature Results

I've been looking forward to having my Biosignature done again here in Rhode Island, these are professional practitioners who work with world-class athletes and know how to get the job done! We learned a lot about the most current ways to detoxify estrogen, which is excellent news because we ALL need it.

Last year when Charles did my original Biosignature Analysis, I had the insulin management and carb intolerance sites as my priorities. I did relatively well at doing the dietary adjustments of minimizing carbs and focusing on lean meats, vegetables and minimizing dairy. Did I eliminate grains? No. Should I? Seemingly, because my carb intolerance site is still my number 2 priority. What was number 1? Hamstrings, which is the excess estrogen site. Now, I don't really carry excess weight in my legs, so this is a particularly alarming results. What it indicates is that I potentially have dangerous levels of estrogen accumulating and my body is not ridding itself of it. The recommendation, which I followed immediately, is to take Poly Estro Detox Px along with Resveraltrol. Poly Estro Detox is great for everyone as a preventative because we are all exposed to environmental estrogens through our food, water, air, cosmetics, etc. It contains potent broccoli seed extract (Sulfurophane) along with green tea extract to help detoxification. This is a breakthrough product that kills a few birds with one stone, so it's excellent value and very convenient! One pill contains as much sulfurophane as 4 heads of broccoli so it's very potent as an anti-cancer agent.Why not elicit the body's ability to release it's natural antioxidant cascade with Poly Estro Detox Px? Brilliant!

Can I eliminate dairy from my coffee and grains to see excellent results? I will start tomorrow and give it 2 strict weeks, let's see how we do:). More about Biosignature RI over the next couple of weeks, I have 2 other priorities to address. Check out Clark and I at the end of Biosign RI. Thanks for measuring me Clark!!!!