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Candida Info from Dr. Jonny


Right now, deep inside your digestive track, you have bugs crawling about…LOTS of bugs. In fact, each of us is lugging around about 70 trillion of these, weighing in at about 3-4 pounds.

Some of these are good bugs...some of these are NOT so good bugs.

The bad bugs I am talking about include all sorts of things from bacteria to yeast to parasites and other germs...sounds rather disgusting, but most of us walk around without knowing they are even there.

But, for the most part, your body's immune system is able to keep the bad bugs in check.

HOWEVER, under certain, and surprisingly common conditions, one of those bugs, a particular type of yeast called Candida albicans, can go through a dangerous mutation that makes it wildly aggressive, destructive and hell bent on wreaking havoc throughout your entire body.

This Fungus is Far More Common - and Dangerous - Than You've Been Led to Believe...

Sound like a freakish incident that only happens in rare medical circumstances?

Well, think again as nearly 3 in 4 women suffer (and many men) from some type of yeast overgrowth in one way or another…some with minor symptoms such as rashes, increased PMS symptoms and bad breath...some with much more serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, depression, joint pain and even chronic fatigue syndrome.

In fact the calling card for a yeast overgrowth problem is a whole bucket full of seemingly unexplained chronic symptoms that just won't seem to go away no matter what you try.

The worst part is that most mainstream health practitioners haven't a clue how to treat this potentially serious problem...and those who do treat it, use dangerous drugs that frequently make the situation even worse.

And those naughty little yeast critters are a crafty bunch -- part animal, part plant, part bacteria, able to reproduce sexually (with a mate) or asexually (by itself), and can shift its shape and take 7 different forms while rearranging it's chromosomes as an adaptive strategy to insure survival.

Wow - that's an amazing set of wonder it's so hard to get rid of a yeast infection!

How this Little Devil Does it's Handy-Work...

Candida, found in its normal, simple and relatively harmless yeast-form looks like a small white egg, with a relatively consistent, smooth shape, living happily in your gut, essentially keeping to itself, feeding off of the food you eat.

However, under the proper conditions, this innocent yeast can mutate and transform into a monstrous super-fungus that rapidly multiplies in its unrelenting quest to colonize as many parts of your body as possible. In fact, in certain areas of your body, if it finds a good food source - it absolutely LOVES sugar - it can double the size of its colony in less than an hour.

This mutated fungus-form of Candida (technically called the mycelial-form) grows elongated, finger-like tentacle structures called rhizoids that then tunnel, burrow and bore their way through the walls of your gut, enters your blood stream, and blooms into a systemic infection that can appear in virtually every part of your body including your heart, eyes, kidneys, liver, lungs and even your brain.

So next time you hear that you someone you know has a yeast infection, I hope you understand that this is really just a canary in the coal mine and that something much more dangerous and insidious is going on deep inside their tissues.

A Broken Sidewalk in Your Belly?

Have you ever seen a tree that's growing in or around the sidewalk where the roots of the tree have grown so thick, deep and wide that they have cracked the sidewalk, exposing everything underneath?

Well, that's exactly what Candida does once it mutates into its more dangerous super-fungus form.

Not only does it slip into your blood stream through these cracks in your gut, but the holes it opens up also allows all sorts of other things into your blood stream that are supposed to be restricted to your gut...things like undigested food, bacteria and other toxins...this is why a Candida overgrowth can make you feel so incredibly lousy and sick.

It Can Literally Make You Drunk from the Inside Out...

One of the most dangerous aspects of Candida is the by products it releases as part of its own life cycle. In fact, Candida has been found to produce 79 distinct toxins.

When the yeast dies in its natural cycle, it releases the toxin acetaldehyde, which is converted into ethanol by the liver.

This is the same chemical that leads to hangovers after drinking alcohol!

As the Candida infestation continues to grow and more acetaldehyde is produced, your blood alcohol level actually rises, just as if you were drinking alcohol, resulting in symptoms like:

  • brain fog
  • impaired thinking
  • lack of concentration
  • irritability
  • depression
  • slowed reflexes
  • fatigue
  • and more

Additionally, red blood cells find it difficult to flow into small capillaries, which can result in fatigue, migraines and muscle aches. In turn, white blood cells have difficulty in fighting infection, which can result in allergies, rashes, acne and slowing of the healing process.

Moreover, just as bread rises from yeast due to carbon dioxide production from fermentation of carbohydrates, Candida also produces carbon dioxide in the intestine. The result is persistent gas and bloating.

Mainstream Medicine Has it All Wrong...

Unfortunately, the treatments that mainstream conventional medicine offer do absolutely nothing to get rid of this insidious yeast overgrowth and in fact can make things work.

Topical treatments, creams, oils, lotions and rinses are only marginally effective wherever they are used and don't come close to addressing the systemic, body-wide nature of the infestation.

Likewise, the "nuke it" approach of using powerful antifungals, while addressing the system-wide nature of the infestation, again only works temporarily as the remarkably flexible and intelligent yeast eventually develops a resistance to whatever anti-fungal treatment is used.

How to Get At the Root Cause...

But all is not lost as there is a proven, effective way of getting rid of out-of-control yeast overgrowth that that fixes the problem for good, once and for all.

The REASON the yeast infection develops in the first place is because your body is out of balance in some way, shape or form. Somehow your immune system has been compromised allowing the yeast to flourish unchecked.

Well, if that's the reason that the Candida overgrowth developed in the first place, then common sense says that the only way to rid yourself of those nasty little burrowing toxic critters is to re-balance whatever is out of balance and to restore your body's innate immune capacity.

If you are plagued by...

  • brain fog
  • bad breath
  • rashes, fatigue
  • trouble concentrating
  • weird allergies
  • strange aches and pains
  • or anything else you can't explain...

it's a strong sign that something with your body's terrain has made it far too hospitable for Candida to flourish.

To permanently cure yourself of a system-wide or even localized yeast infection, you must create an environment that's both hostile to the yeast and nourishing to your body's own natural healing powers.

A Tried-and-True, Tested and Effective Program...

Frustrated and at wits end, suffering from constant fatigue, heartburn, stomach cramps and brain fog, a certified nutrition specialist embarked on a 12 year mission to find way to beat Candida for good.

After 35,000 hours of research, testing and trying, experimenting to find what works and discarding what didn't, this remarkable woman finally stumbled upon a holistic, multi-dimensional, all-natural approach that ended her yeast overgrowth in less than 2 months.

She's decided to share her Candida killing blueprint with others and has compiled an A-to-Z blueprint for exactly what to do and when without resorting to drugs, without creams or lotions and regardless of the severity of the infection.

You can read much more about her remarkable solution here as well as her 5 key facts about Candida/yeast infections that EVERYONE must know about before it's too late »

I hope you enjoy - remember, do your own homework, use common sense and decide on what's best for you.


Jonny Bowden
The Rogue Nutritionist

P.S. Since 2004, over 138,000 people have successfully gone through this program with many of the remarkable and inspiring case studies available for you to read here. Many of these women (and some men), experienced the following benefits:

  • Their external yeast infections were gone within days and often within hours...
  • They became completely free from vaginal, male or oral yeast infections...
  • Thrush, athlete's foot, and other types of skin yeast infections had vanished...
  • Food allergies and digestive disorders like bloating, acid reflux, IBS and LGS had disappeared...
  • They had no more joint pain, muscle aches, migraines, brain fog or blurred vision...
  • They felt lighter, healthier and energetic...
  • Their general health and quality of life had improved...
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