Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charles Poliquin's Biosignature Modulation Program

I recently had the pleasure of taking a course with Charles Poliquin, one of the world's most successful strength coaches. Coach Poliquin has trained Olympic Medalists, NHL, NFL and MLB players as well as National Teams worldwide. I will highlight a few of the concepts taught in this groundbreaking course, I'm eager to spread the word about how biosignature can help you understand your own hormonal profile.
I was one of the privileged few who gained a spot in the recent Biosignature Course held here in Toronto. We could sense the energy, confidence and knowledge that we were about to learn about. Coach Poliquin has been training record holders in 10 different sports for 3 decades with his unique and extremely effective methods. Biosignature Modulation is a non-invasive method of measuring 12 specific skinfold measurements to clarify client's hormonal profile. Practitioners take this information and analyze each client's problem areas. Common issues include increased levels of estrogen/decreased levels of testosterone due to the foods we ingest and the products we use as well as lifestyle issues such as lack of sleep (which makes us fat) and skipping meals.
Biosignature analysis helps to pinpoint each person's priorities at a given time and allows us to address those priorities to maximize gains. This translates into faster fat loss, improved recuperation and better strength gains. If you're ready to take the challenge we would love to discuss with you how Biosignature Modulation can help you achieve the muscle tone, shape and fat loss you've always wanted.



ACE’s Kick Start Workout : A Week-by-Week, 3-Month Exercise Program

ACE’s Kick Start Workout : A Week-by-Week, 3-Month Exercise Program

Here is a basic workout that can be done whether you're at home or away, even if you don't have any equipment! Please let us know if you have any questions about your fitness program, we would love to help!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Heaven is Having My Own Personal Chef!

I've met so many amazing people at all of the events that I've attended over the summer, but one stands out above the rest. Why? Because she could be the solution to my self-induced, bland, simple meals that I usually assemble. Pamela Anderson-Khan of Cheferential Treatment can help take care of those of who who don't have the time, skill or inclination to take care of our palate while we eat "healthy" meals.

Personally I'm happy eating steamed broccoli with poached salmon. I recently had a guest over for dinner and as I served our meal I heard the comment, "I knew we were having this for dinner." A compliment? Not really. Simple, expected, even boring. Hhhmm, what can be done?

I'm a very busy person, and I've become resigned to the fact that I can't cook. I'm not unhappy with my meals, they're usually healthy, but I know they can be a whole lot tastier. Pamela and I were recently at a breakfast event and I was enjoying some scrambled eggs. I said, "Mmmmh, these are so good! What do you think is in here?". Her answer, "Cheese". So something simple added to my usual can make a huge difference in taste! So really, I just don't have the inclination to cook, I'm much happier to be served. Pamela, when are you coming over?

Looking towards the holiday season, I'm considering what to do for the holidays. Should I have a cocktail party with appetizers, a dinner party for some close friends, a romantic dinner for someone special or a dessert party for the girls? Any of these options sounds like a great way to socialize and have some fun. Will I be preparing the food? To everyone's relief, NO! I will be calling Pamela of Cheferential Treatment to help me with menu planning, grocery shopping and food preparation here in my home. Doesn't that sound great? Give her a call at (289)259-6973, e-mail or check out her website at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Climbing

Informercial Boy in the Making

My boy has seen exercise as a part of my lifestyle his entire life. He currently plays lacrosse, it will be his third season this year, as well as skating, Sportball, etc. He could balance on the BOSU at 2 years old, likes to show me his yoga moves and loves boxing videogames.

I caught him on camera experimenting with a few of my tools, and I can see him working up to a video or infomercial in the future. He loves to show his friends what I show him, and I've even stopped in at the school to do a little talk about exercise. When I drop him off at his Sportball program he tells me that he's going in for his workout :) I hope I've set a good example and that he'll consider exercising to be a very important part of a happy life!

Fitness In Fort Lauderdale

August is a time for fitness pros to relax, reflect and recuperate. Our clients tend to be away, we have the largest international fitness convention to attend in Toronto and we look forward to a "new year" starting for many as we get "back to school". This past year I was lucky enough to head down to Fort the middle of a tropical storm! Five windy days watching tumultuous waters and dark clouds, but we still made time to fit fitness in.

Jogging along the beach in Florida is gorgeous, the sand enhances the sense of relaxation, the water is calming. Along the strip in Fort Lauderdale there were many fitness enthusiasts out, including joggers, walkers, roller bladers, people biking and of course, boogie boarders and body surfers. Tropical storm and hurricane weather is great for water sports such as these because the rougher the water the bigger the waves!

Some days we chose to use the fitness centre, but we also got out to run a couple of times as well. The most interestingly dressed person was a fit man in his late forties who we saw joggin 3 a thong! He seemed happy enough, even looked us in the eye and said, "Good morning!". HHHmm! He's gutsier than I am, but good for him!

It's wonderful how recuperative a little sun and sand can be, I think we would all agree that we would have more active lifestyles if we just had more tolerable weather. What better excuse to get away a few times a year? I hope to write soon about a fitness getaway of my own, why not?