Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week of Cleanse

It`s been 2 days since I started my nutrition program with the goal of losing 10lb and losing 3% bodyfat. I`ve eliminated sugar in every form including sweets and alcohol (obviously!), fruit (for now), certain vegetables (sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, beets, carrots), dairy as well as coffee and such.
I`ve lost 2lb in 2 day, so I`m happy so far! The workout routine this week has been as follows:

Day 1: Wednesday August 25th Upper Body Weight Workout
Day 2: Thursday August 26th 30 Minute Walk
Day 3: Friday August 27th Hot Yoga 60 Minutes

Continuing with:

Day 4: 30 Minutes Intense Cardio (Arc Trainer)
Day 5: 30 Minutes Cardio (Inteval training)
Upper Body

So far I`ve been fine, good energy levels, no cravings. Workouts have been strong, I feel amazing! More next week...



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is your digestion optimal?

Talk to Imagine Fitness about taking the HCL test if you have any of the symptoms outlined in this article by Charles Poliquin. You are what you eat, but also what you absorb!


Pros and Cons of Low Carb Nutrition

A few words from Coach Poliquin.

Yesterday I started my fat loss cycle leading up to my trip to Rhode Island to visit the Poliquin Strength Training Institute. Four weeks to go, I'm very excited! I will log weekly updates every Friday to let you know how my program is going.

Sarah, Fit and Fabulous!

Why Women Should Not be Afraid of Gaining Muscle!

Check out this great article by Charles Poliquin and give us a call to discuss your Biosignature Profile!