Thursday, September 30, 2010

What IS Biosignature Modulation?

Check out this link to ready more:

It's amazing!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Biosignature Results

I've been looking forward to having my Biosignature done again here in Rhode Island, these are professional practitioners who work with world-class athletes and know how to get the job done! We learned a lot about the most current ways to detoxify estrogen, which is excellent news because we ALL need it.

Last year when Charles did my original Biosignature Analysis, I had the insulin management and carb intolerance sites as my priorities. I did relatively well at doing the dietary adjustments of minimizing carbs and focusing on lean meats, vegetables and minimizing dairy. Did I eliminate grains? No. Should I? Seemingly, because my carb intolerance site is still my number 2 priority. What was number 1? Hamstrings, which is the excess estrogen site. Now, I don't really carry excess weight in my legs, so this is a particularly alarming results. What it indicates is that I potentially have dangerous levels of estrogen accumulating and my body is not ridding itself of it. The recommendation, which I followed immediately, is to take Poly Estro Detox Px along with Resveraltrol. Poly Estro Detox is great for everyone as a preventative because we are all exposed to environmental estrogens through our food, water, air, cosmetics, etc. It contains potent broccoli seed extract (Sulfurophane) along with green tea extract to help detoxification. This is a breakthrough product that kills a few birds with one stone, so it's excellent value and very convenient! One pill contains as much sulfurophane as 4 heads of broccoli so it's very potent as an anti-cancer agent.Why not elicit the body's ability to release it's natural antioxidant cascade with Poly Estro Detox Px? Brilliant!

Can I eliminate dairy from my coffee and grains to see excellent results? I will start tomorrow and give it 2 strict weeks, let's see how we do:). More about Biosignature RI over the next couple of weeks, I have 2 other priorities to address. Check out Clark and I at the end of Biosign RI. Thanks for measuring me Clark!!!!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boston is Beautiful, Rhode Island and PSI

Wow, I'm finally here! I've been training so hard and prepping for this trip and I'm in the midst of it.. As I was checking in there were guys from Minneapolis, Idaho and Mexico checking in as well. I'm really looking forward to meeting our group tomorrow and hearing their stories.
I left my house at 4am yesterday, made it over the border and was sitting at my gate at Buffalo International airport at 5:45am with a cappucino. Only an hour and fifty minutes early for my flight, but better early than late! I met a lovely girl named Jen on the flight here, Hi, Jen! I hope your business went well in Boston. Now, I thought it would be a good idea to rent a car here in Boston, but have you ever driven in Boston? It's crazy!!! I've had to do a few turnarounds, but it was definitely worth it for the freedom and flexibility.

So I arrived at the Langham Hotel in the Financial District yesterday morning, checked my bags and my car and then headed to Quincy Market and Fanueil Hall. I'll add photos when I get home, but it's beautiful! As we all know, Boston is filled with early American history from the Revolutionary Era, the Civil War, the Abolitionist Movement, etc. I got my fill of historic facts on a walking tour yesterday through parts of the Freedom Trail to see some architecture, graveyards, statues, Boston Common and more. Last night I drove an hour to see Trace Adkins and Toby Keith in concert. Now, I'm a country fan and love these 2 guys, but the crowd was awesome. American country music fans are expert tailgaters, they had bean bag toss games set up, everyone was bar-b-q-ing, drinking beer, and when I got there about an hour before the concert started they had obviously been there for at least a couple of hours!! Experts, for sure. Today I did a quick workout at the surprisingly nice gym at the hotel and then headed out for a 3 hour bus tour. I saw all of the sites through Boston and did a lovely tour through Harvard and MIT over in Cambridge. The next visit to the Poliquin Strength Institute will be when I know where I'm going and where I'd like to spend some time, this time was just a quick tour of everything.

It was a pleasure to go grocery shopping and prepare for the next few days. I dutifully bought fish, chicken and broccoli and only thought about buying wine:). I'm so excited to see the Poliquin Strength Training Institute tomorrow, see the new products and bring it all home to your guys when I see you next week. This is an amazing opportunity, and a privilige to be here, I'm very thankful to be able to do this.

I must say a few words about the cleanse I've done over the last month. I feel extremely healthy, strong and shapely, have trained or done yoga most days and feel very balanced. The thing about training is that it can be exhausting, it's a skill to determine what the best activity is for your energy levels on any given day. As mentioned I've done a fair bit of yoga over the last month, I truly enjoyed Gerald's class on Friday the 24th, thank you so much for that Gerald. This process has helped me be more grounded and peaceful while my training at the gym has ensured that I achieved the body composition change I was looking for over the last 4 weeks. Respect your limits and find balance to achieve optimal results. Hey, my new words of wisdom, "Eat like a bird, train like a beast". Or something like that:).

Finally, being in Boston reminded me that this is where the Boston Marathon is held each May. Wouldn't that be something? Marathons are not the best for those of us who are muscular(that degree of cardio does not support muscle maintenance), but maybe I'll drive in to experience the energy of that weekend. Should I run it? Marathons require a longer attention span that I expect to ever have, so I doubt I'll take that challenge. Maybe one of you should run it and I'll come down for moral support...Adriane???


Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Weeks to Rhode Island!!!

Hi Everyone!

Ok, this has been the 3rd week of my nutrition and fitness program, excellent changes in my physique. My weight is steady but I've lost 3 more inches, that's awesome!!! This is what the week has looked like:

Day 11: 25 minutes Cardio, 60 minutes hot yoga
Day 12: Excellent upper body workout including chins, chest flye, lateral raises, concentration curls and, as always, triceps, triceps, triceps. Can you tell what my weak spot is?
Day 13: Spinning 30 minutes
Day 14: Upper Body
Day 15: Hot Yoga 6o minutes
Day 16: Legs
Day 17: Hot Yoga, upper body

So it's looking like 3 upper body workouts, 3 hot yoga classes as well as cardio and legs throughout. So far so good!! FYI my workouts last about 45-60 minutes, no longer. Diet is still quite clean, minimal cheats.

More next week...

Have a great weekend!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Second Week of Cleanse

Results so far: Down 4 1/2 lb. and 4 inches!

Day 6: Hot Yoga 60 Minutes
Day 7: Upper Body
Day 8: Hot Yoga 60 Minutes
Day 9: Legs (Swings, Split squats, romanian deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, hamstring curls)
Day 10: Upper Body (Pull-ups both wide and narrow, triceps, triceps, triceps, cable lateral raises, barbell curls, concentration curls, etc.)

You'll notice I've been doing a ton of hot yoga, this is for a purpose right now as I wind down at the end of the summer, enjoying the last relaxing part of the season and focus on myself through this time. I will be ramping up the cardio shortly!

My nutrition program has been pretty solid, but I must mention that I've "cheated" strategically to stay motivated and cycle the carbs. Many meals are fish and broccoli, eggs and spinach and such!

Supplements...the majors are fish oil, fiber, magnesium as well as all my regulars. I'm dying to try the new Poliquin supplement, UberInositol-T! I'll give you the update next week...

Happy Labour Day!